Digital Web Craft: Experienced in Design, Development and Delivery.
Sets new standards in Web User Experience & Technical Expertise.

Responsive Design
From desktop to mobile

Responsive Design

Whatever end device is being used to browse, adjust rendering automatically.

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Leading Tech
HTML5 future proofing


Use the latest web coding technology to ensure compatibility today and tomorrow.

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Change the way you want!

Easily Customizable

Static Websites, Content Managed, WordPress, Joomla etc. All provide easily customizable web experience.

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Unique & Clean
Stand out from the crowd!

Unique & Clean

Stand out from the crowd with a polished, clean, simple and well developed web user experience.

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What can Digital Web Craft do?

Discover what is required, the big picture, the vision, the scope, for now and for the future ...

Discover what is required? Yes, though you may be thinking that's easy enough and that you know exactly what you want! Sometimes though it's easier to see what you can have to help make a decision, this also helps to more quickly agree an outline solution, likely cost and delivery time-scales.

The so called iron triangle of cost, time and function always comes into play with web solutions. You can have pretty much whatever you want, but for advanced and future-proofed functionality and site performance this can cost a lot and/or take a long time to complete. Better to know up front what commitment this may take

Design, develop and test the most appropriate solution within the time and budget available ...

Install and maintain the solution ...

One of the latter stages of solution delivery is the transition from a developed and tested web site to a fully live system. Of course things in the business and internet world don't stand still so you may require further changes. Technology and security issues also emerge that require updates to live systems

Maintaining the solution requires thought to a few areas, mainly of the web application software and site/ platform the web site resides on. The amount of work can vary widely depending on the outline design. And of course the content (copy text, images, videos, blog entries etc) all need to be managed by you!

Project Manage the Solution Delivery and ongoing Solution Support ...

Experienced Project Management of the full web site development life-cycle is essential to the successful end delivery of a web solution that lives up to the expectations set in the initial discovery stage.

But of course you may well be able to do the management yourself, in this case Digital Web Craft is more than happy to only contribute to the parts of the process you need most help with!

What can Digital Web Craft not do?

Digital Web Craft is not a creative agency or SEO specialist ...

Yes most promotional web sites pointedly ignore what they can't do, but this web site isn't like that! Just so it's clear to you, Digital Web Craft cannot currently create artwork or text copy for your web sites. It has neither the skills nor the vast experience required to do so.

However, Digital Web Craft has many trusted contacts within the web content creation industry that probably can help you. Digital Web Craft can manage these relationships for you or simply inform you of those trusted for creative services. Of course there are web designs already created by talented creative people for you to consider.

Some Completed Web Site Solutions

Past Projects ...